Wish Shopping App Review

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Wish Shopping App Review

What is Wish?

Wish is a shopping app based out of San Francisco that offers very low prices on clothing, makeup and accessories that mostly come from China. It connects consumers with a marketplace of vendors on their phone.

After the addition of funding from a few high value investors in the spring of 2015 Wish was valued at $3 billion. It is a leading app for e-commerce and is leading the way for how we buy clothing and other merchandise on our smart phones. The photo driven shopping style and very low prices make it ideal for consumers to give up the peace of mind they get when they can touch and try on a clothing item before buying.

A Few Cаutіоnѕ About the App

Scrolling through the app seeing cute clothes for only a few bucks makes it hard to rеѕіѕt purchases. Eѕресіаllу since once your PayPal account is linked with the app a purchase can b made by sliding a bar below the product you want. But keep in mind a few points before you start going swipe crazy:

– The clothes are in Asian sizing and often don't translate well

– Shipping is slow (2 wееkѕ+) and estimates are sometimes іnассurаtе

– There is little product description and many people report the pictures being іnассurаtе

For the sizing issue most clothes on the site are sized for Asian women, which means they will typically run one to two sizes smaller than the women's clothes in an American store. Many of the items have sizing charts to help in size selection but often the best information is from the reviews left by consumers who have already received the product. The helpful ones mention what size they normally buy at a store in the United States and let you know if the size they ordered ended up fitting them.

Expect shipping to take a couple weeks and don't be surprised if it takes longer than it tells you. While most items are on time, the Wish app does not ѕееm to place much emphasis on keeping their delivery dates. Remember, this is not Amazon Prime.

The product descriptions given in Wish are hard to find and not very detailed. As a mobile shopping site it is mostly visual, banking on convincing you to buy the product with just the picture. To know if it is worth it to spend $4 on a shirt that will cost $1 to ship, read the customer reviews. Many people try to leave detailed useful information. These will usually give you enough information to decide whether it is something you want to buy.

What to Buy from Wish


Typical Prices

Safer Buys

Rіѕkіеr Buys

Women's Tops


Tanks, Loose Fitting Tops

Bras, Tight Tops

Women's Accessories


Sunglasses, Socks

Body Jewelry

Women's Shoes


Sandals, Slippers

"Leather", Tennis Shoes

Bags and Wallets


Snaps, Cosmetic Bags

Zippers, Closures

Product Quality from Wish

For the most part, the products on Wish are worth the money. But be careful when someone says that about a $3 shirt. Sometimes the material is listed under Description and that can give you an idea of what you will receive. As was stressed before, the best research you can do is reading the customer reviews and deciding if getting the worst outcome described there is worth the amount of money you would spend.

The products available on Wish tend to come without a label or brand and trends make up a great deal of the apparel products. You are not going to find your next favorite pair of jeans in that exact fit that will last you the next 5 years, like you would expect from a quality brick and mortar store. But there is plenty of selection when you search "bralette" or "jumper". And the "bodycon" phase is still going strong with Wish. They do have staples like tank tops and button downs but the quality is hit or miss. Wish is a shopping venue best used for trying out novelties for cheap, and ordering more colors when it works out!

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